DIY Burgers with Create Your Taste burgers at McDonald’s


Psst… I’ll let you in on a secret!

I haven’t had Macca’s in a really long time. I’d like to say I haven’t been in a couple of years–which is somewhat true… no, not really… we actually broke my no Macca’s streak this Christmas just passed as it was the only restaurant open that day and we needed to eat.. haha… but shhh, I try to forget about it! I’m not really a fast food person, if at all. And when I do get a hankering for a burger and chips, we usually don’t mind paying the extra dollars for something a bit more fresh and gourmet at a boutique burger joint.

Then the folks at Macca’s decided to invite us to the Golden Arches restaurant to give the ‘Create Your Taste’ burger a go, where we could create our own burger and have whatever we liked stacked within a choice of different buns. Normally I’ll stay away from fast food joints, but curiosity got the better of me, so off we went!


So what does the Create Your Taste build your own burger experience entail? Creating our own customised burger, complete with table service and our personalised burgers presented on a wooden board and those good ol’ french fries in a fancy fry basket. None of the plastic trays we so often associate with fast food chains and having to wait by the counter for the food.

N and I were met by one of the friendly staff members who was overlooking the digital ordering kiosks. She helped guide us through the ordering process and it was as easy as 1-2-3. The kiosk itself is super simple, straightforward and intuitive to use–almost like going through an online shopping transaction but way tastier.

First, the important details… pick whether to eat in or take away, pay at the counter or pay at the kiosk and then Create Your Taste burger or show me the specialty builds (already built burgers)? Create Your Taste all the way! That’s what we were there for right?

Then the fun began by selecting from a range of gourmet ingredients.

Step 1: Choose Your Bun
Choose between a brioche style bun, bakery bun, or lettuce cup.

Step 2: Make It Cheesy
Choose your cheese… pick one.. or all if you must… but we were happy with just one slice each. Cheese options included Cheddar, Colby Jack, Swiss, McDonald’s classic and Shaved Parmesan.

Step 3: Turn Up The Taste
Add some tasty goodies, pick between an Angus beef patty (can add more than one), crispy bacon, rasher bacon, egg, guacamole, grilled pineapple, crunchy tortilla strips and grilled mushrooms.

Psst… notice the burger being built on the left hand side of the screen as we were building the burger? Very cool.


Step 4: Fresh’n It Up
Then add some fresh and vibrant vegetables, the options included whole leaf lettuce, sliced tomato, caramelised grilled onions, long sliced pickles, beetroot, red onion and jalapeños.

Step 5: Get Saucy
And finally, pick a sauce to tie it all together. Sauces on offer: ketchup, dijonnaise mustard, bbq sauce, aioli, herb aioli, Big Mac special sauce, chipotle mayo and tomato chilli jam.

Almost there!


Make It A Meal?
Select your meal combo options, the standard being the side with fries, or swap it for a garden salad, slaw or have the Create Your Taste burger on its own.


Pick your drink


And complete. If you choose to pay at the counter, bring your printed docket to the counter to pay or you can pay at the kiosk with your card. Either way, take your docket, take a seat, sit back, relax and wait for your burger to be constructed. Table service at a fast food chain? Now that’s pretty nifty.

A few minutes later, this beauty of a meal arrived:


My Create Your Taste burger consisted of one Angus beef patty, a slice of Jack cheese, grilled mushrooms, caramelized onions, lettuce, tomato and tomato chili jam neatly stacked and handcrafted between a brioche bun, a side of crisp golden fries and a soda water–it’s got the bubbles minus the sugar. 😉 My kind of soft drink. My custom Create Your Taste burger meal came to a total of $13.45… $13.45!! Sure, it’s slightly more expensive than the usual suspects on offer but heck, a few extra dollars for something a bit more ‘made to order’ and ‘customized’, I’ll take that.


Pretty fan-cay aye? Are we even at McDonald’s?! *Hears kids running around on the playground outside.. oh yes we are. Ha!* The meal also came with a useful hand and face refresher, perfect to wipe the fingers and face after demolishing the burger, especially if it gets a bit too messy depending on the amount of ingredients stacked on one another. A note though, it’s probably wise to not have too many wet ingredients in the burger as I found mine to be a little bit sloppy as I was biting my way through it as it oozed out the sides and bottom. The soft brioche bun probably wasn’t the wisest decision either to hold together the grilled mushrooms, caramelized onions and tomato chili jam. A possible solution is to separate the wet ingredients between the layers perhaps? Nevertheless, still a very tasty burger with some great fresh and crisp inclusions, namely the lettuce and tomato.

I can’t say I’ve been a huge fan of the Golden Arches in the last couple of years, growing out of dining at fast food chains and starting to be picky with what I ate as I got older. But the very Un McDonald’s’ Create Your Taste offering may just be the thing that draws me back to Maccas now and then, mainly due to the fact that it’s still a fast and convenient ‘take out’ option, but less ‘junk food’ as I at least get to pick what goes in it. Hold off on the bacon and fries please waiter! There’s also the huge novelty factor behind the concept of Create Your Taste, but novelty aside, the experience was simple and easy. Getting to create my own custom burger, knowing what goes in it, and the restaurant is just a few minutes away from home? Win win!



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