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Tips for Budget Travelers to Explore Holiday Markets in New York City

New York City around the holidays is a different place. From marveling at the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree lighting to exploring the fine holiday markets in the Big Apple, there is a lot you can do and have fun. Also, booking cheap flights to NYC and visiting the megacity has other advantages too –  you can have a great shopping experience with loads of benefits. Here is how to shop around the holidays during your stay in New York.

Check offers on credit and debit cards.

Banks and other financial institutions offer some remarkable offers to their users for Christmas and New Year Eve shopping. If you have a plan to get a new credit or debit card, there can be no better time than now. Compare the offers from various companies and take the ones that offer you maximum advantages. You can also check with your existing card providers for special offers. Your credit cards can be used for shopping, dining, booking plane tickets and accommodations and more.

Find free activities

Watching the holiday lights isn’t the only free thing you can enjoy in NYC. There is an impressively long list of attractions and activities you can indulge in without spending anything. The Bank of America at Bryant Village allows free entry to use ice. At Hudson Yards, you can watch Broadway Performances for free. And enjoy holiday celebrations under the Washington Square Arch. Booking cheap airline tickets, accommodations and car rentals in advance will offer you savings that you can use to skip the lines outside many free venues by paying a small entry fee.

Eat at pop up shops

Hundreds of food vendors pop up at Bryant Park and other locations in New York City during the holidays. From craft beer to doughnuts to hamburgers to exotic dishes, the food vendors serve everything. Skip the acclaimed and expensive eateries that you can visit anytime and dine at the pop shops to save on food and drinks. Some food vendors also host training sessions where you can learn to make some great food. Something worth a try, isn’t it?

Book your flights and hotels in advance   

Most of the airlines tickets and hotel rooms get booked weeks before Christmas and New Year Eve. Last minute flights are almost impossible to get, and if they are, you may have to pay a hefty price for them. Therefore, it’s recommended to make your booking at least six weeks in advance to avoid overpaying for hotels and score cheap flight tickets. Start preparing for your holidays by purchasing flights and accommodations in advance.


6 Awesome Places to Visit in February in the USA

Taking a vacation in February comes with a boatload of advantages – fewer crowds, great scenic views, and plenty of cheap flight tickets and accommodation choices. Also, from marveling at the views of snow-covered mountains to skating and skiing through the slopes to heading to states with warmer weather, there is a lot you can do on your winter break. If you are confused about where to go, here are some options for you:

Party in New Orleans

New Orleans in February, with comfortably cool weather and parties and celebration everywhere, is a great place to explore. The world-acclaimed Mardi Gras is generally hosted in February, and you can partake in the celebrations and parades. Also, Valentine’s Day parties, Vietnamese New Year celebrations, and Black History Months ensure you always have something fun to be a part of.

Go sightseeing in San Antonio

The Alamo, a spanish mission built in the 18th century, the miles-long Riverwalk and the promenade dotted with cafes, restaurants and shops are just to name a few places you can visit in San Antonio. The city has multiple historic sites and some excellent theme-parks that too can host you. Weather in February remains temperate and with lesser crowds, you can still find cheap airlines tickets to San Antonio.

Enjoy warm weather in Palm Springs

One of the best and warmest places to visit in February in California is Palm Springs. The resort city, with plenty of sunny days, natural hot springs and clear blue skies, is an excellent place to escape winter. There are plenty of places to indulge in activities like biking, hiking, trekking and sunbathing.  You can easily find flights to Palm Springs from any part of the United States. Book your plane tickets ahead of your travel date for last minute flights to Palm Springs can be costly.

Do water-based activities in Florida Keys

Perched between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, the islands of Florida Keys are some excellent choices for those who want to escape winter with low-cost plane tickets. Just arrive here and revel in the comfortable atmosphere, sunshine, and breathtaking views of the ocean. Along with activities such as kayaking, snorkeling and skuba diving, the islands also feature some remarkable museums and marketplaces.

Indulge in winter activities in Big Sky

A perfect US winter break destination, Big Sky offers everyone a wide range of snow activities. With an amazing level of snowfall, February offers remarkable slopes for skiing, sledding, snowboarding, snow tubing, and almost all the popular winter sports and activities. You can also enjoy the nature zip line, hikes and trips to Yellowstone National Park. You can find cheap flight tickets to Bozeman Airport, Helena, Jackson airport and then cover the rest of the distance via road.



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